About Us

4x4 Life was established to promote the lifestyle of off-road adventure  - regardless of what your destination or vehicle of choice may be. Maybe 4-wheel drive gets you to your favorite trail, fishing hole, surf spot or camp site.

It was also founded for the purpose of promoting "Trail-Friendly" off-roading and giving back to organizations that help keep off-roading alive and growing - through donations and sponsorships. 

That is why 4x4Life carries a number of products that help reduce our impact on the trail.  In addition, 4x4Life donates a minimum of 10% of all proceeds to organizations that are working hard to keep off-road access and trail use available for all of us*.  

Find your adventure. 4x4 Life.

Contact us at info@4x4life.org with questions, comments or to learn more.

4x4 Life
PO Box 12642
Rochester, NY 14612

*At least once, annually, 4x4 Life will contribute through donation,  paid sponsorship,  subscription or similar activity to one or more groups or organizations that support the "lifestyle of off-road adventure," at its own discretion.  These groups include, but are not limited to, non-profit awareness groups, private off-road recreational parks, environmental conservation agencies, political action committees and private enthusiast clubs and events. Yearly donations will total 10% of revenue, at a minimum.